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I wrote the first Jiggy McCue book (The Poltergoose) in 1998. An agent sent it to a number of publishers, who all turned it down. I then sent it out myself, to three editors, one of whom took it. When I paid my first visit to that publishing house they asked if I had anything else like it. I said 'How about another Jiggy book?' and gave them a title I'd thought up on the train to London: The Killer Underpants. They loved this and I went away to first dream up a story to match the title, then write it. It was The Killer Underpants and the one that followed it, The Toilet of Doom, that brought the Jiggys to young readers' attention. So much so that I went on to write at least one Jiggy book a year until 2012, by which time their sales were declining and I was more than a little keen to do something different.